Monday, February 28, 2011

brrrr ... and a winner?!?!

It is absolutely freezing here in western ny. I'm not a huge fan of taking the baby out in the cold but the worst part is that his little hands are never warm.  For some reason his body temp stays around 96 degrees and very rarely seems to climb above that.  I try and keep him as warm as possible with fuzzy fleece jammies and outfits that have sweaters and sweatshirts but along with all of that he has to wear socks on his hands.  He gets so frustrated because he likes to put his entire hand in his mouth but when he has socks on he can't get his little hand in his mouth lol.  Either way he's absolutely adorable, just wish he'd stay warmer!

So the giveaway ... we have a lucky winner, she has a pretty awesome blog and some pretty awesome kids.  I'm super happy to say that she won, though I wish everyone could have won something! 

We had 12 entries total, 11 on the blog and Wendy (who was the first to enter so when using I considered her #1 on the list) sent an email that she had facebooked the contest also.

And the winner is ...........

Heidi from A Work in Progress!!!!

Congrats Heidi.  I'm super happy for you and hope that you guys enjoy your prizes.  Please make sure to contact me within the next 48 hours at


  1. WOOT! I'll send you an email right away! Your little guy is so cute! Just drink in this amazing sweet time of having him so little, it goes by too fast!!

  2. Congrats to Heidi! And, I have to say, that is one adorable little boy! :-)