Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The winter crud finally got me.  I went to the doctor's on Tuesday for an ear infection and by Thursday morning it had moved to my chest and throat.  Thursday night big Torry and little Torry were up throwing up all night (always fun with a 2 year old.)  Sunday I was convinced I was dying and Monday it was back to the doctor's for me.  A new antibiotic for me and today (though I still feel like crap) I'm actually able to move around and finally have no fever.  I'm excited to go back to work tomorrow lol. 

You'd never know little man had been sick.  He's happy as can be and crazy as ever.  I swear the kid never sits still unless you bribe him with one of his fantastic (not) toddler cartoons.  (thank god for bubble guppies and mickey mouse.) 

Toddler Status Now:  Climbing back and forth across the couch yelling, "oh bubbbblesssss i lovvvvvvve you!"

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