Wednesday, July 20, 2011

911, omnipod, and a battery cap?

so to start my minimed pump's battery cap was definitely the issue.  it seems like the little metal clip inside the top of the cap was broken so my pump wasn't registering my batteries and then when it did turn on with the brand new batteries i was using at least 1 a day.  so it was a pretty easy fix, minimed overnight-ed me a new cap and we were all fixed! 
even though the pump was fixed i think it's really important to have an in warranty pump just in case something like this happens again so i did apply for omnipod and dexcom.  as of right now i know that my dexcom was approved but other than that i haven't heard anything else from the company.  on the other hand omnipod is amazingly fast and efficient.  i faxed the paperwork last Monday and by Friday (only because my Dr didn't fax the paper work to omnipod until Wednesday) i had my new pump.  unfortunately I'm thinking that this may not be the pump for me.  i seem to have absolutely no sensitivity to insulin anymore and am using massive amounts of insulin daily (around 150 units/day.)  since i use so much insulin and omnipod only holds 200 units and you can't refill a pod (with animas and minimed i leave my site in for 2 reservoirs worth of insulin) it seems like i'm changing my site constantly.  in a matter of 3 days, between going through insulin and sites not sticking i went through 4 pods.  plus i had one that just wouldn't activate for some reason.  i know omnipod will replace the ones that won't activate and/or fall off but they won't do anything about my consumption of insulin (obviously that's my issue not theirs.)  on the other hand i really like the omnipod.  it's awesome not having to find a place to put the physical pump on my body and i LOVE the manual insertion.  i think that has to be my most favorite thing about the pump.  it's so pain free and easy.  i wish that they would come up with a pod that holds a larger amount of insulin.  but i'm thinking that tomorrow i'll be calling their customer service to discuss my options.
on a completely different note Sunday night we took the baby to the er because he didn't seem to be feeling OK.  they did a chest x-ray, said he had an upper respiratory infection, and sent us on our way.  Monday morning i had my wisdom teeth out and was on so much Vicodin that big Torry and my mom took care of the baby all day for me.  Tuesday morning when I woke up he wasn't acting right.  I felt like we should just be safe and head to the doctors to double check everything.  After I got him to the doctor's they ended up calling 911 and took the two of us to the children's hospital in Buffalo about a hour away.  At this point ... we're still here.  until about 6pm tonight he was on complete oxygen and nebulizer treatments hourly.  his poor little body has been so tired out from trying to breath, it's heartbreaking.  they're not sure what happened or what's wrong but it looks like he probably got some sort of infection along side a respiratory issue (like asthma - but they won't call it asthma since he's only 7 months.)  after being here two nights i'm hoping tomorrow they'll let him go home. the poor baby just wants to crawl and he can't when he's attached to a ton of different tubes and monitors.  please say a prayer that he handles the night well and that they let us head home tomorrow!

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